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...a partnership of federal, state, and local agencies, tribes, and organizations working together to restore the San Juan River and its tributaries.

Demonstration capacity

SJWWII is an ideal demonstration site for numerous, compelling reasons:


SJWWII is coordinated by the San Juan Institute of Natural and Cultural Resources (SJINCR) in the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences at Fort Lewis College.  The mission of the SJINCR is “To preserve and enhance biodiversity in the Greater San Juan Basin through culturally-sensitive natural and cultural resources education, outreach, coordination, information storage, and community services.”  SJINCR has the resources necessary to conduct original and innovative research and administer large Federal grants.  In addition to its own faculty and students, the Institute has a network in place that facilitates access to graduate students at a variety of research institutions and has connections with other colleges in the watershed: San Juan College and Diné College.  Also, CPCESU will greatly increase the research capacity of SJWWII through participation by partner research institutions, including Arizona State University, Colorado State University, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Diné College, Fort Lewis College, Haskell Indian Nations University, Mesa State University, Navajo Nation, New Mexico State University, Northern Arizona University, Museum of Northern Arizona, Oregon State University, University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, Southern Utah University, The Arboretum at Flagstaff, The Center for Desert Archaeology, University of Arizona, University of Nevada, University of New Mexico, Utah State University, and Weber State University (see http://www.cens.nau.edu/Orgs/CPCESU/ ).


















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